• Fixed my website and started designing it.
  • Built my first cron job!
  • Still a lot of things on my list I did not complete


  • Fixed issue in accessing the WordPress portal to my website. Previously, when I typed youngandai.com/wp-portal into the address bar, I would get an error page that says a connection could not be made. However, youngandai.com would still work. This may have been because I edited the URL address within the WordPress settings to include https, but did not properly set up the certificates.
  • I ended up setting up a new virtual machine on Google Cloud Platform, re-installing WordPress, and configuring it properly. I used this blog as my guide – it was very helpful.
  • Spent a lot of time learning how to use GNU nano in order to edit a certificate
  • Also successfully made sure my website was secure with https, and that the certificate auto-renews. 
  • Note: This is my first time setting up a cron job! The job is set up to check certificate expiry every week, and will automatically update it.
  • Started picking designs for website and brainstorming its content and layout.
This is the text filler provided by WordPress. Need to draft up what to put here.
On the front page, perhaps I can give a brief view of all of the projects that I’m currently working on.

There’s still a number of things I failed to accomplish today as well:

  • Setup landing pages for potential projects, to start garnering interest (how do I do this? How do I create the images / files for it? Perhaps I should settle with using Keynote / PowerPoint to create the graphics that I need, since I’m familiar with these tools?)
  • Budget for 2019
  • Settle personal payments
  • Figure out how much I spent in total in 2018, to make a simple assessment of my annual burn rate. Sometimes a bit difficult given my spending is across China and the US.
  • Finish writing my reflections blog post and publishing it
  • Make 2019 plans
  • Redeem flight miles for our trip from LA back to Shanghai with Eva Air. How do I redeem flights if I no longer have the ticket?
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