• Need to create a demo for my Life Dashboard. Will post it on my Upcoming page.
  • Overall not very productive today. Did not accomplish much. Need to try again tomorrow.

Maker to-do list:

  • Setup landing pages for potential projects, to start garnering interest (how do I do this? How do I create the images / files for it?)
  • Budget for 2019
  • Figure out how much I spent in total in 2018, to make a simple assessment of my annual burn rate
  • Finish writing my blog post and publishing it
  • Make 2019 work plans

Personal to-do list:

  • Redeem flight miles (how do I do this if I threw away my ticket?)
  • Practice Chinese for at least 15 minutes

Detailed notes:

  • How do I quickly build a demo of my Life Dashboard? Should I have a little simple animation showing the screen flipping through the various dashboards? (Includes dashboards, your goals, to do list, calendar, facebook feed, etc.)
  • Perhaps I’ll write a quick Python script to load each webpage, then record a video of that?
  • No, I’ll load up each page on my mac as a separate desktop. Then video record my screen, while I (behind the scenes) manually slide to each screen. This simulates the feeling that I want to create anyways.
  • Made the raw video. I wanted to attach it here, but some issues:
    • 1) Couldn’t upload to WordPress here. Nor could I share a link from my Dropbox upload
    • 2) I don’t want to upload it to YouTube yet, because it’s not censored and it has quite personal information that I don’t want to share publicly.
    • Next steps: Create a more cleaned up version and share that more publicly.
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