It was a great exercise working on Project 1.

A few technical things I learned while building my website:

  • How to create a beautiful landing page with
  • Implementing Stripe payment forms (part 1, part 2)
    • First with Stripe Checkout – which is just a few lines of code for their widget
    • Later, with Stripe Elements, where I have more control over all of the forms and functionality
  • Implemented a coupon system using Stripe
  • Set up a website on a virtual server with Flask / Python as the back end
  • A lot of HTML / CSS / Javascript debugging
  • How to debug through the browser, Visual Studio Code, and on Google Cloud
  • How to launch a web app through Google App Engine
  • Setting up virtual environments with Anaconda
  • Setting up my domain email address
  • And I’m sure a lot more?

I’ve written about a few of these things in more detailed blog posts (linked). If you’d like to hear more about some of the other subjects, let me know. I’ll probably have some messy notes on the topic saved somewhere that I can clean up.

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