It’s time to pivot

I just found out that the app I was in the middle of building – the to-do list combined with calendar task manager – is already built!

(Thanks to Patrick for finding this for me.)

For reference, here’s a breakdown of what I was originally imagining. It covers a lot of the same ground:

The wording of their marketing copy on the landing page…is exactly what I’ve been trying to voice when I explained this project to friends.

Focuster automatically schedules your to-do list in your calendar, helping you maintain focus, prioritize tasks, and achieve your most important goals every day.

Exactly what I’ve been trying to say and build!

Their strengths

This app does a number of things well:

  • Its landing page is beautiful, and you (nearly) immediately understand what the product does.
  • It has a focus feature – where it just shows you the task you’re supposed to focus on at this moment. Cool.

  • It walks through why scheduling your tasks in this manner is important – and what you can get out of it
  • It’s a web app – so a larger user base can use it (instead of just iOS users, which was where my app was headed at first).
  • It has lots of premium features, like integrations with other calendars, Trello, etc.
  • It has a beautiful, usable UI

Their weaknesses

Though, I can immediately see that there is a small opening for improvement:

  • There’s no free option available (only a limited-time free trial) that allows a user to build a habit in using a product. I believe that users who have built a habit of using a product are more likely to pay for premium features. But we need to let them build that habit first.

So…what does that mean for me?

So, if I did continue developing my own “Focuster” app, I think there is a window where I could win customers over by capitalizing on that weakness. I could create a great free version of the app with some extra premium features that a small percentage would upgrade to. However, I think it would take considerable effort and time to be able to reach the level of quality that Focuster has already obtained.

Given that there aren’t any quick wins I can create by continuing this project, I’ve decided that I’ll move on to another project for my Project #3 instead. I’ll put this idea on the back burner for now.

What are your thoughts on this move?

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