• When following some Flask tutorials and using virtual environments, I learned that issues will come up on my system because I have Anaconda Navigator installed.
  • Learned my system default is to use Anaconda builds – thus `source activate <env name>` will use the Anaconda package, not virtualenv.


There’s a portion in the Flask / Google App Engine tutorial that packages our website using virtualenv. I tried following, but am coming up with issues.

I noticed that I now have a `(base)` in front of my name. On research, this might be because my Anaconda installation and configuration files are getting in the way.

Since I can also build virtualenvs with anaconda, I will go with this route first.

Issues I encountered: 

  • Uh oh, I think I messed something up in my system. When trying to use gcloud commands, I keep getting this error message: `-bash: gcloud: command not found`
  • Uh oh. I ran export $PATH<some urls> and I think I reset my paths. I think I can no longer use Anaconda…
  • Hmm…I restarted my computer, and my $PATH is back to what it was originally. My Python version is now back to 3.5.5 – Anaconda custom
  • Solution: The issue was because I deleted the `google-cloud-sdk` folder from my Desktop. When I brought it back from the trash bin, I needed to restart my computer. gcloud command now works again. Restarting saves the day again!

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