For Project 2, I’d like to build an application that regularly flips through all of the things you want to keep track of in life. Previously I was calling it Life Dashboard, but after researching available domain names, we’ve decided to call it Life Flips. You can get a general idea of this project here: (Note: the email sign up doesn’t work yet. Just message me directly if you want to add your email to the list if you want to help me test out the beta version).

To try and get an idea of what’s required for this project, I jotted down some mini-milestones I’ll have to reach in order to launch this project. Still hoping for a Feb 28th launch, though that is now looking a bit intimidating!

Things to do in order

Projects/Life Flips

0. Generate interest

  • [ ] Fix email sign up for Interest page
  • [ ] Improve on Interest page. As I develop screenshots and a clearer picture of what this product is, add to my Interest page. Interest page should eventually become my product description for product launch.

1. Get an idea of what it looks like

  • [x] Make wireframe

This is a bit illegible (but thankfully I can still read it…that’s not always the case). I think I can prototype a working version quick enough where I can just move straight towards screenshots or demos to give you a better picture.

I tried looking up a bunch of wire framing / prototyping apps. Many good ones, but mostly subscription based, and lots more features than I need. I just drew a quick mock up above. This is all I need to get a picture in my head.

2. Develop first set of basic features

  • [x] Build web viewer on iOS for iPad
  • [ ] Cycle through multiple web viewers with slide right transition

3. Better loading experience

  • [ ] Pre-load the webpage before flipping

4. Let user add websites to lits

  • [ ] Create an overview page
  • [ ] Add ‘+’ button to add page
  • [ ] Let user fill in url to be loaded
  • [ ] Save list of URLs to local persistent storage
  • [ ] Let user delete a webpage from list

5. Navigating slides

  • [ ] Slide left on slide to go forward
  • [ ] Slide right on slide to go to previous slide

6. Get paid

  • [ ] Add donation button
    In the future, I’d like to include some premium features. But until I get user feedback, I don’t know what they might be yet. For now, I’ll still add an option for users to donate, in case their feeling generous 😉

Time to market this product

Prepare App Store materials

Here’s some resources to review when I get to this stage
* App Review – App Store – Apple Developer
– [ ] Sign up for developers license
– [ ] Create icon
– [ ] Generate photos
– [ ] Screenshots
– [ ] Real life placement on wooden table
– [ ] Generate app metadata
– [ ] Category
– [ ] Product description
– [ ] Additional keywords

Upload to App Store for approval

Budget in 1 – 3 days for review. Probably need a week overall in case it gets rejected!
– [ ] Upload

Prepare launch materials

  • [ ] Write up for Product Hunt
  • [ ] Write up for Reddit

Some features to build in the future

  • [ ] Let user move order of sites
  • [ ] Let user identify which sites should be shown more frequently (“around once a day”, “around once a month”, etc.)
  • [ ] Add sharing button to life flips to add to board
  • [ ] Anything else?
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