Here’s a quick run down of where I’m at in this 6 startups in 6 months project.

Project 1 (January)

9 customers signed up to date. Not great.

Expected revenue next month: less than $50. Also not great.

Where it can improve:

  • Better sign up process, where potential customers feel more comfortable signing up with their credit card. This includes mostly improvements to the UI:
  • Better marketing

Project 2 – Life Flips (February)

  • Got some good feedback on how to improve from friends (thanks all!), but just need to find some time to build out these features! Most likely, perhaps after my 6th project in July
  • 15 total downloads to date. Not great.
  • Will need to market this more

Project 3 – ToDoCalendar (expected launch: April 30th)

  • I took a month off to finish off some features for Life Flips, so I’m pushing back this launch date to April. That means I’ll finish this 6 startups thing by end of July.
  • Need a name!
  • Sketched out wireframe of app
  • Deciding whether I should use InVision to draw out a more detailed sketch of the app. This will help with design and making it look better. It’s much more difficult to iterate on design through code. But, this takes quiet some time!
  • Built a rough prototype of calendar in Swift.
  • Current direct technical issue: How do I create fake data in my simulators? I connected to the iOS calendar – but there is no data in the simulator!

Other stuff

I calculated the remainder of my budget: I am due to run out of money by August 6th. Gotta start making money soon!

I am considering picking up contract gigs. This may help in 2 ways:

  1. Make some money
  2. Build up developer skills

Questions: What skills should I focus on in my contract work? For now, my answer is very generic: just anything to deal with coding. Perhaps I should just start, and maybe I can get a better picture further down the road.


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