• Uploaded my website using Google App Engine
  • Followed GCP App Engine tutorial and website seems to work.

Next steps:

  • Making my website SSL / HTTPS – having trouble with this.

Issues I came across:

  • I currently have a website on carrd.co. However, I see a dangerous red `HTTP` at the address bar when doing this. My website accepts payments, and I don’t want to do this over a website that’s not secure. 
  • Solution: Hosting on GCP can solve this problem. I’m trying to use the App Engine now to do so.
  • I got stuck on step 1: ‘Create a directory that has the same name as your project ID. You can find your project ID in the Console.’
  • Solution: They were referring to creating a directory on my local Macbook, not on the GCP project. After I create the directory with the corresponding .yaml files locally, then I’ll upload them to my Google App Engine.
  • When I type in https://burningvpn.com, it doesn’t seem to work. I don’t get that green text of approval for the https to show that my website is secure. Stripe requires that the website goes through https
  • Issue: Now when I go to burningvpn.com, sometimes it loads correctly, but other times it takes me godaddy.com (where I bought the domain name). It seems like my DNS records are not properly redirecting the domain URL to the right server?
  • Resolved: I edited a few more of the DNS settings. Sorry, I forgot what I did. But it works now.


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