• Set up my domain email address with mailgun.com – it’s free! I can send and receive through my regular Gmail account now
  • Bonus: I don’t even have to set up each name for my email domain. You can send to any @burningvpn.com account, and I’ll receive them.
  • Successfully verified my domain address through mailgun.com – this took the most time troubleshooting.
  • Learned how to send emails through code (Python)
  • To send emails using the domain email address, I have to first verify that email address in gmail

Issues I came across:

  • Had trouble verifying the TXT and CNAME records (red and yellow icons below) on mailgun.com
  • Solution: Under Host at GoDaddy.com (where I bought my domain name), I should be typing in `mx._domainkey`, not `mx._domainkey.burningvpn.com`. This might just be a particular way that GoDaddy does it. Same for CNAME – it should be `email`, not `email.burningvpn.com`.
  • Is it because the Host is pointing to a SUBDOMAIN? How does this work? 
  • Answer: No, the issue was because of the specifics at GoDaddy.com, as mentioned above.
  • Do I need to put a CNAME that points to *.burningvpn.com so I can use that wildcard?
  • Answer: No, this didn’t work. 


  • To forward emails going to any @burningvpn.com email address, I created a Route on mailgun.com to forward them all to my personal email address
  • However, if I want to use gmail to reply to emails using these email addresses, then I’ll have to go to gmail settings, Accounts and Imports, then verify that specific email address. It’s a simple verification process, so no biggie.
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