I don’t know how to upload a new webpage onto my WordPress site!


  • is hosted by WordPress on a Google Cloud Compute virtual machine instance.
  • This webpage’s files (HTML / CSS / JS) are already created by another website ( I have them saved locally.
  • I’d like to create my site to be

What I’ve tried

  • Tried to just upload files directly to my WordPress dashboard. I can upload certain files, like audio, text, video, pictures, etc. But not full webpages.
  • I explored connecting to myPHPAdmin ( Not entirely sure about the concept of what this dashboard is. But I see a bunch of SQL databases that have stored my blogs, comments, and other data from my blog. But don’t see anything here where I can upload another webpage.
  • Downloaded FireZilla to upload files. But I can’t connect to the server. I get these error messages:
    • Error: Connection timed out after 20 seconds of inactivity
    • Error: Could not connect to server
  • This may be because I have some firewall settings blocking it. How do I unblock this?

Edit with Update

This blog helped me understand where my WordPress files are:

Specifically, for my version of WordPress (Click-to-deploy), the files are stored in path /var/www/html on the server. From here, I know how to connect to my server with SCP and find this folder.

Lo and behold, here are all of my WordPress files!

Screen Shot 2019-02-10 at 13.28.01.png

After finding where all of my WordPress files are, I then followed this blog to create my webpage:

In short, I just have to create a new folder (lifeflips). In here, I transferred all of my files  (HTML / CSS / JS) directly with the gcloud scp command.

Once those files are in there, actually I can directly just go to and see the page! Not sure how the backend logic works, but I don’t have to set up any other settings to make sure that re-direct happens. It just does.

Bonus: I didn’t have to deal with PHP either!

Some notes:

Many blogs gave instructions using an FTP client called FileZilla (or Cname for Windows users). I didn’t have to use this, since I could directly load files with my command line interface (gcloud scp command).

The blog also gave instrucitons for creating an SSH key. He uses a program called PuTTy, but Mac users don’t need this. You can already create your own SSH keys in the terminal using this command: ssh-keygen -t rsa

Thanks to Patrick for the guidance on this issue!

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