I haven’t written in awhile. I figured I’d do a virtual “daily standup” for the week here on my progress.

What I’ve accomplished

Project #3 – PFM Tool

I’ve been conducting some market research on the Personal Financial Management (PFM) space. I’ll share my thoughts in a separate post (eventually).


  • There are some clear customer archetypes
  • Though competition is stiff, people are still not satisfied by the offerings

100 days of code

I partnered with someone in my co-working space to launch an informal “100 days of coding” challenge. It’s just a simple challenge – code every day for 30 minutes and post your work on Github. It’s for anyone that wants to build their coding chops and get in the habit of writing code.

We built a little gamification into the system, and every day I’m posting a leaderboard in the group chat of who is the most consistent with their coding.

I want to see if there’s a business opportunity here. Can we hold classrooms entirely within group chats?


The Lean Startup by Eric Ries

What I’m working on

I want to begin iterating on the feedback I’ve received for Project 1 and 2.


  • Accounting – check that I’m not bleeding money

Project 1

  • Look at a few different pricing plans
  • Review my growth assumption. Perhaps implement a unique referral program
    • i.e. let users create their own promo code!

Project 2 – Life Flips

  • Onboard new customers. Perhaps hand pick out some top sites and let users quickly add those sites.

Project 3 – PFM Tool

  • Build quick prototype of PFM tool so that I can begin my “validated learning” journey
  • First feature: See how much money you have across multiple currencies/countries

What I’m stuck on

Project 1


I thought there would be a word-of-mouth marketing. But so far, that’s not really the case.

What are some growth techniques that I can consider? And how do I implement them?

Project 2 – Life Flips


Should I carve out a separate app and market it as just a “digital photo frame?” “Turn you iPhone or iPad into a smart photo frame.” “Select the people you want to see, and your photo frame will cycle through your best photos”

Project 3 – PFM Tool


What features should I focus on? Is this space too crowded? Will I be able to compete? What is it that customers really want?

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