Stuff I’m working on at the moment:
  1. (A web app) – launched!
  2. Life Flips (launched)- A dashboard / screen saver / photo frame for everything in your life
  3. My Money Global – track your finances across multiple countries
  4. 101 Days Challenge – accountability group for building habits, with live person tracking your progress and giving daily feedback
  5. Podcast social (launching 30 June 2019) – listen and directly have voice chats with podcast creators
Other ideas to consider building in the future:
  1. Algorithmic trading bot – Program that identifies best trading strategies and automatically executes them.
  2. To-do list that fits into your calendar – Gives you a realistic plan for completing your to-do list
  3. Super master slide viewer – Easiest way to find that slide hidden across all of your PowerPoint decks.
  4. Auto-update Fitbit goals – Automatically increase or decrease your Fitbit goals based on your activity.
  5. Meal tracker with crowd-sourced calorie counter – Take regular pictures of meals and crowd-source calorie estimates of your meal. Sync average to your health data. Based on research of crowd-sourced averages – an average of population guesses are strangely close to the truth.
  6. Personal balance forecast – Something that tells you how much money you will have in 1 – 12 months, given what you/we know about your regular income and expenses.
  7. Commit to blog – Use Markdown to write and edit blogs, and “commit” like Git to publish blog post. That way you can make edits locally, review the changes using Git, and post any updates to your blog. You can also branch and show drafts to friends, then merge to Master when you’re ready to publish. Current pain point: I copy and paste my blog posts from my Notes app to WordPress. I have to re-format all of my text, and the pictures don’t load properly. Also, when I edit an already-published blog post, I edit it on my Notes app. And then I have to copy and paste the whole thing back in? Or keep track of which parts I edited somehow and update the blog post. Git is an easier way to review changes and post them.

What else would you like to see?